I started working on a new game. I am creating this blog post after working on it for 5 days. Before explaining what this game will be about, let me share my intentions.

My main goal is not to release the game; it is to create a proof of concept. At least in the beginning, I will not try to beautify the game. I will create the proof of concept, share it with some people, and get their feedback.

What this game will be: It will be a combination of features from several games. The user starts with a single creature which needs to be taken care of similar to a tamagotchi. Unlike tamagotchi, the creature will not die if the user stops taking care of it. If the creature is healthy, it is going to be stronger. During the gameplay, the user will be able to acquire more creatures and select 3 of those creatures at most to take care of. Also, just like any idle game, various different skills could be trained per creature to further increase the level of the creature. Furthermore, a select group of creatures can be sent on adventures where the battle takes place automatically but can be made easier by the user’s input. Going on these adventures is the main way to acquire other creatures and items.

This is what I have thus far:

  • There are main skills such as mining, smithing, etc. (Exact details aren’t defined yet)
  • Main skills have sub-skills such as copper ore, iron ore mining. (Again, the list isn’t ready yet)
  • The main skill screen and sub-skill page are functional.

Subskill page

Yes, I am aware that they are nothing alike and both look bad.

Subskill page

Why am I doing this?

About 10 days ago, I started learning Godot. Since it is very intuitive, I created a starter project which is an extremely basic copy of Candy Crush. The game has a bunch of bugs and it doesn’t have levels, but it correctly checks the matches and increases the scores. Since my goal was to learn how to do things rather than expecting my first game to be perfect, I suppose I can count this as a success.

Screenshot of the matching game

I really enjoyed this very simple project. Godot is very easy to use. I am sure that trying to create a bigger game will be challenging, and I wouldn’t mind a little bit of a challenge. Since I started working as an engineering manager, I haven’t coded much. I really miss it sometimes. Hopefully, this will scratch that itch.