I am an experienced software engineer who has transitioned into an Engineering Manager role, with a proven track record of success in international companies. I have extensive experience developing REST APIs using Python and C#, as well as a thorough understanding of Linux systems. In addition, I have practical experience in various areas such as web and mobile application development, distributed and parallel systems, networking, and developing software systems.

As an Engineering Manager, I have successfully led and managed cross-functional teams of software engineers, ensuring they have clear goals, priorities, and tasks. I have worked closely with product management and other stakeholders to define and prioritize product roadmap and feature requirements, and have effectively communicated and advocated for the engineering team’s needs, capabilities, and constraints. I have fostered a culture of continuous learning and growth, encouraging team members to develop their technical and professional skills and mentor others.

My experience as an Engineering Manager is complemented by my Master’s Degree in Computer Science, which has provided me with a solid foundation in software engineering principles and practices. With my technical expertise, leadership skills, and passion for software development, I am committed to driving innovation and achieving business objectives through software solutions.

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Some reports that I have written when I was a student:

Some of the code snippets that I use. These are mostly for personal use.